Another small victory

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) - The Illinois House on Tuesday passed a bill that bans discrimination against gays and sent it to Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who has said he supports the measure. If the Democratic governor signs it, Illinois will join 14 other states that bar discrimination based on sexual orientation. The measure would add "sexual orientation" to the state law that protects people from bias based on race, religion and similar traits. It applies to discrimination in such areas as jobs and housing. Proponents couched the measure in terms of human rights, saying discrimination against gays and lesbians over housing and employment is just as wrong as discriminating against people because of race or religion. The House's 65-51 vote came on the last possible day; the bill would have died had it not been approved before the new Legislature is sworn in Wednesday. The Senate approved it Monday by a vote of 30-27.


Blogger Story Keeper said...

Well, a victory is a victory! Meanwhile the world keeps turning on the media front. LOGO, a project of MTV, will begin airing on 2/15/2005. The program will be by/for/about gays & lesbians.

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