Bill O'Liely and the Weirdly Tanned Guy

I assume that if you're reading this blog, you probably have some reservations about Bill O'Reilly's integrity. Well, here he goes again, this time with Barbara Boxer in his sights:
Apparently she has a soft spot for brutalizing senior citizens.
"O'REILLY: She sponsored a bill, the Aviation Security Act, where they shake you down to get on a plane. She likes that. 'Let's shake everybody down. Let's get granny, turn her upside down and hold her by the ankles.' She's big on that. So, she was the sponsor of that. Next time you go in and some pinhead grabs your crotch, thank Barbara Boxer for that. Okay?"
As Media Matters points out, Ernest "Fritz" Hollings, the former Democratic senator from South Carolina, was the lead sponsor and putative author of the Aviation and Transportation Security Act, while Boxer was merely one of 30 cosponsors of the bill -- a list also comprising numerous Republicans, including Sen. John Warner of Virginia, Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas, and Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska.

And for those of you who think something is wrong with Brian Williams besides that weird orange tan, you're right: He's a Rush fan. Says he listens to him almost every day. In an interview with C-SPAN:
"Rush said to millions of Americans, you have a home. Come with me. For three hours a day you can listen and hear the likeminded calling in from across the country and I'll read to you things perhaps you didn't see that are out there. I think Rush gave birth to the Fox news channel. I think Rush helped to give birth to a movement. I think he played his part in the contract with America. So I hope he gets his due as a broadcaster."
Cowardly little weenie, isn't he?


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