Celebrities and Mommy Worship

I promise not to do much celebrity-related posting, but some Salon readers' comments really hit the nail on the head about the underlying issues of the Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston/how dare she not have a baby/divorce thing. The comments had to do with this country's weirdly obsessive baby and mommy reverence, which reminded one reader of accounts of Germany during the rise of the Third Reich when German women were awarded medals for how many children they bore. Another said: "All this carping about the glories of motherhood, and the implications that Aniston was shirking a responsibility, have nothing to do with actual motherhood. They are the publicly acceptable expression of America's virulent dislike of women who do what they want to do and who make it clear they don't need your approval -- just as the controversy about Teresa Heinz Kerry's "swearing" had exactly zero to do with bad language...Apparently, 30 years of social change, of women flocking to college campuses and successfully entering the workforce, mean absolutely nothing these days. Women are judged only on their reproductive status. Shame on the media for attempting to drag women back to the 1950s, and shame on those who are buying into it."


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