Frank Rich: All The President's Media

Great Frank Rich piece on Crossfire, Armstrong Williams, journalistic ethics, and Bush regime manipulation of the media.


Blogger Boston Dreamer said...

And of course, now the uproar is over a couple of left bloggers (such as Kos) working for the Dean campaign. (Check out atrios.blogspot.com). One guy (Armstrong) said nothing about being a shill; Kos and the others prominently posted about their paid relationship with the Dean campaign. Who is worse? Are they equivalent? Bad, bad left!
Bunch of crap.

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Blogger Gatorchick said...

Boston, you may have seen these posts on Kos about the differences among Markos Moulitsas, Jerome Armstong, and Armstrong Williams:

Paid by:
MM Dean campaign (a private organization)
JA Dean campaign (a private organization)
AW Taxpayer dollars

For the following activities:
MM Technical consulting
JA Technical consulting
AW Shilling for "No Child Left Behind" Act

Prophylactic measures taken:
MM Prominent disclaimer on website
JA Put website on hiatus
AW None - concealed the money he received

And this one in response to (ack!) Robert Novak's criticism:
"To have someone who outs covert CIA operatives and endangers national security try to lecture me about "'ethics' while not only getting his facts wrong, but spreading outright lies..is a fine example of just how pathetic the mainstream media has become."

And this one in response to to Hugh Hewitt and Bill O'Reilly.
A choice quote:
HUGH HEWITT [AUTHOR]: No, Bill. In fact, the idea of payola is very dangerous. Bloggers on the take are very bad for the business of blogging. Blogging of real journalists, and people like Power Line and like InstaPundit and myself, we don't like it when Daily Kos shows up on the take of the Howard Dean campaign. Now Daily Kos says, this is one of the bloggers from the left, says he disclosed it, but not to the satisfaction of anyone who watches him. I didn't know.
O'REILLY: Aw, this is bunk. This is bull. Nobody knew about this.
HEWITT: That's right.

Nobody? ABC News knew about it, Salon knew about it, Online Journalism Review knew about it, the San Francisco Chronicle knew about it, Wired knew about it, New York Times Magazine knew about it, American Journalism Review knew about it, everyone who visited my site in the summer and fall of 2003 knew about it. And I got those links with about 5 minutes of Googling. But dumb-f*** O'Reilly and dumb-f*** Hewitt didn't know about it, so "nobody" knew about it.

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