Freedom's just another word for...trigger-happy neo-conservatism

From the Sunday Herald of Scotland:
Bush began his second term in office with a ringing encomium about the benefits of freedom and democracy and the need not just to uphold these values at home but also to export them to all those countries which share his aspirations.
Under normal circumstances, nobody would quarrel with those sentiments. They underpin the values which brought the US into being in 1776 and they endorse a commonly held belief that it is wrong to allow oppression to flourish and right to seek relief for those who are the victims of persecution. Except, of course, these are not normal circumstances. Bush led his country, and encouraged Britain to follow, into an illegal war against Iraq and there is widespread global distrust about the US’s increasingly reckless unilateralist policies. If anyone thought that a less focused and more forgiving president would emerge from the inauguration, they will be disappointed.


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