Good citizenship

From MakeThemAccountable.com:
Repressing cognitive dissonance has become an essential aspect of patriotism. And you better believe unquestioningly, or else you are not a good citizen. In modern America, you don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to be marginalized as a nut. If you merely accept what has been proven...and you notice the suspicious...then you qualify as being demented. Dissidents are exiled from the chattering class, where free speech consists of self-righteously parroting socially acceptable lies, and what is socially acceptable always coincides with what is best for the establishment...Anyone who dares discern that our national mission statement has been rewritten is eviscerated for "hating America." The economic hierarchy has succeeded in convincing Joe Sixpack that mercantile interests are indistinguishable from the national interest, thereby insuring that populism and sedition are now synonymous...And in Fantasy America, the majority religion is being viciously assailed, so our response is to elect deeply spiritual politicians who then strengthen social mores by revoking "satanic" health and safety regulations that have been ruthlessly imposed on wholesome multinational conglomerates.
Yet in an era where good citizenship consists of repudiating truth in favor of embracing myth, bad Americanism is looking better all the time.


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