Keep your eye on this guy. Or should I say your ear?

I listen to this guy sometimes on Air America:
"Ed Schultz celebrated his first anniversary as a nationally syndicated talk radio personality. Schultz is now the most widely syndicated progressive talker on commercial radio, heard on over 70 stations nationwide, in addition to both major satellite radio networks, XM and Sirius. He'll debut in the Washington, D.C. market on Monday. Schultz is MORE widely available than Air America. Was Rush just a teensy bit threatened by Big Eddie's announcement that in his first year he landed on more radio stations than Rush did in his first year? Schultz is tough and opinionated. But he speaks to bread and butter issues – homelessness, veterans' benefits, the family farm, health insurance, for example – by highlighting how these crises affect everyday Americans. Sure, he lambasts the Bush Administration, conservative talkers, and the conservative media machine, and certainly has his share of rants. But his show is filled with righteous outrage, not the venomous diatribes that are the hallmark of his dominant conservative counterparts. He's showing that progressives live in red America, and care about economic justice for ordinary Americans" (from gadflyer.com).
And, I might add, Schultz is NOT a pathological liar.


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