Media R Us

Mark Drolette of "The Online Journal":
Let's face it: the so-called mainstream media will never "pick up" on the stuff that really matters. The Woodward and Bernstein era is no longer. No matter how much we badger the Big Three or smaller rags or TV networks or radio stations, they will never properly investigate and report on 9/11, or phony war justifications, or fixed elections, or poisonous depleted uranium blanketing Iraq, or the fourteen permanent U.S. military bases being constructed there, or the Project for the New American Century, or White House-condoned torture, or the Social-Security-is-going-under scam, or government "regulatory" agencies that are just taxpayer-subsidized divisions of the industries they oversee, or the blackout on photos showing what war really does to humans, or the media's own disingenuous "oh-my-isn't-this-horrible" editorials that only serve to cover their compromised asses while they go about their real business of selling the most advertising possible instead of doing what they should be doing: opening up with all journalistic barrels on the most vile, dangerous, brutal, unprincipled, narcissistic, insane administration in American history.
No, what we get instead is Scott Peterson or Martha Stewart or other such slop...
A few real journalists still exist (Seymour Hersh comes to mind). But anything deemed too hot is going nowhere. At some level, when names are named, the story will be quashed.
American mainstream media as government watchdog is a dead hound. Done and gone. Don't even hold out false hope that somehow it will be revived; this time, Jim, Spock really is dead.
So, it's up to us—all of us—to "be the media." It's us, or nobody. But how do we do it?
Well, our most powerful tool, besides uncovering and speaking the truth, is, of course, the Internet. New approaches to successfully challenging and changing America's new system of government—fascism—are needed. To formulate, disseminate, and then activate our solutions, we must quickly build and expand our communications network.
So . . . let's pony up.
Donate early and often to the online media outlet(s) of your choice. Contribute content, too, and strongly encourage others to follow suit. If you're new to this, great! You're especially needed; more credible voices is one of the main things we're after. Use reliable sources, cite them, check them, and check them again. Provide links whenever possible. Dig out stories, the very ones the corporate media won't touch. Consult true experts if need be to verify your information, line up your sources, and then report away."


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