Neil Bush Cashes In (Again)

Some politicians are questioning whether Governor Jeb Bush's brother Neil is trying to use the FCAT to make a buck. Neil Bush founded a company that provides software to help students take standardized tests. Critics say it doesn't look right for Neil Bush to be marketing his software to Florida schools.
Ignite, Incorporated makes computer software to help children prepare for standardized tests like florida's FCAT. Students at an Orlando-area middle school are using the software as part of a pilot program. Founder Neil Bush is the brother of Governor Jeb and President George Bush.
At the Department of Education, a spokeswoman did not want to go on-camera. But Pam Bryant said at this point, the Department has no plans to promote or endorse the Ignite software statewide.
The governor has brushed aside questions over Neil Bush's plans to market Ignite software in Florida. "He's not pitching it to the state," Bush said. "He may be pitching it to schools or to school districts that make that decision. He didn't pitch it to me and he wouldn't pitch it to the state Department of Education."
Ignite wants 30 dollars-per-year-per-student for its software. With 2 million students in the state, a Florida expansion could net the company 60 million dollars. The Florida Education Association says it's concerned about potential favoritism, should Neil Bush look to expand Ignite's software use in Florida. "Every contract with the state should be based solely on merit," said FEA President Maureen Dinnen.
You can learn more about the company on its website: http://www.ignitelearning.com/home.htm


Blogger Boston Dreamer said...

Needs the money to take care of those mysterious Asian women that show up at his door at all hours of the night!
Damn, that's crude. But that's Neil!

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Blogger Gatorchick said...

Or perhaps to pay his medical bills from said encounters????

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