Return of the Death Squads?

Oh for those nostalgic days under Reagan in the 80s...
Newsweek is reporting that the US and Iraq are considering using a tactic that was used in Central America during the Reagan administration - "government funded or supported 'nationalist' forces that allegedly included so-called 'death squads' directed to hunt down and kill rebel leaders and sympathizers." Newsweek also reported that the squads would be composed of Kurdish and Shiite fighters who would "target" Sunni insurgent leaders and their sympatizers. The move comes at a time when the BBC reports that the insurgency has developed into "near open warfare."
The Times of London also points out that John Negroponte, current US Ambassador to Iraq, was also Ambassador to Honduras from 1981-85. The US used Honduras in the 80s as a base to train Nicaraguan contras to fight against the then-Sandinista-led Nicaraguan government.


Blogger Boston Dreamer said...

History really goes in cycles, doesn't it? Progressive bloggers like Atrios and Kevin Drum were screaming about the Negroponte appointment since it happened, warning that this was the ultimate path.
Of course, Rummy says this is alla conspiracy theory...

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