White House forces Social Security Administration to mislead people

From the Center for American Progress "Talking Points":
The Social Security Administration is supposed to be a neutral institution focused on serving the American public and staying above partisan politics. Not any more.  According to the New York Times, the Social Security Administration recently developed a new "tactical plan" to help the White House market its all-out campaign to convince Americans the system is in crisis. Internal documents show Social Security officials told employees to get the word out that "Social Security's long-term financing problems are serious and need to be addressed soon." The White House is using the Social Security Administration to mislead and confuse Americans. The new crisis-marketing plan also said Social Security managers should "discuss solvency issues at staff meetings," "insert solvency messages in all Social Security publications" and spread the word at places like farmers' markets and "big box retail stores." By law, the Social Security Administration is not supposed to be another propaganda tool of the White House. Americans have seen this ploy before on Medicare and education – use scare tactics to push unsound policies and then use taxpayer money and government employees to back up the claims.


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