Yeah, Right

CBS today fired four of its top executives for the "Memogate"/Bush/TANG episode.
On the CBS website, Rush Limbaugh is quoted as saying that 60 Minutes did the story in the first place because "CBS had an axe to grind" with President Bush. Puh-leeeeeeze. Why does this jackass, who obviously never has any axes to grind, get quoted as an authority on journalistic integrity? At least when someone screws up at the NYT, CBS, or The New Republic, heads roll. Rush continues to lie his drugged-up head off, day in and day out, with impunity.


Blogger Boston Dreamer said...

Such language! :) After all, it is not as if Rush ever had an ax to grind with a presidential admin...oh, wait, he did. Never mind.

6:12 PM  

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