Bush's "faith"

By Don Henry Ford Jr. on The Agonist website:

I must make a confession. I aspire to follow the teachings of Jesus. And routinely fail. So maybe I don't aspire hard enough. That will be for someone else to decide. Hopefully a just God.
But I must tell you: I am damned tired of hearing people use the name of my Lord in vain. And I don't mean saying Goddamnit. I mean those who said God told them to do this or that when He hasn't told them a damned thing.
I meant those that drive by the needy on the way to church and then tithe ten percent of what they earn to a preacher who lives like a king and constructs buildings to which those in real need are off limits.
I am tired of rulers who spout words like freedom, democracy, and liberty while all the while devising plans of bondage and slavery and a rigged game where a few live off of the efforts of many.
I am tired of racism. You can be a Mexican, or a Negro, or an Arab as long as you act white and be successful. But if you insist on your own traditions, those in control have nothing for you but bullets, bombs and sweat shops and various other forms of bondage and repression.
I am sick of one individual more than any: George W. Bush. You know--the guy that got elected because of his "morals". The cheer leader of the spoiled rich crowd that runs this world.
When asked about the times he used drugs or committed indiscretions, Bush says the subject is off limits because those things happened before he "got saved". Then when Carla Faye Tucker claimed to have "been saved" while awaiting her death by lethal injection, he mocked her. And sent her to her death.
The man that deliberated the cases of those facing the death penalty an average of five minutes before coming to this conclusion more times than any governor in the history of the State of Texas: that they should die.
If it doesn't work for her or for them, then it doesn't work for you George.
You will be judged by the same measure by which you judge others.
You bind men with burdens you wouldn't carry one step.
Jesus said we would know those that are of him from the love in their hearts. Where's the love George? Where's the love?


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