Cousin Oliver joins Social Security road show

From one of the Salon blogs:
You know a television show is on its last legs when it adds a cute child actor in a last ditch attempt at ratings. It happened to "The Brady Bunch." It happened to "All in the Family." It happened to "Different Strokes," "The Cosby Show" and "Family Ties."
And now it's happening to President Bush's travelling road show for Social Security reform (or, as Josh Marshall likes to call it, "Bamboozlepalooza").
The NY Times reports that nine-year-old Noah McCullough of Tonight Show presidential trivia fame has decided to join the President and entourage in stumping for privatization. He will travel in advance of presidential visits to soften radio and public audiences with his command of presidential trivia, his youthful charm and his faith in Bush's plan.
Noah says: "What I want to tell people about Social Security is to not be afraid of the new plan. It may be a change, but it's a good change."
The opportunity will also give Noah some valuable experience in campaigning. He plans to run for President in 2032 (when, in his expert opinion, Social Security will be "bankrupt" if we don't act).


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