The freaks at PowerLine blog...

...have apparently objected to the US naming a nuclear sub after Jimmy Carter (who was himself a Navy man and nuclear physicist), saying that Carter is "on the other side" in the War on Terror. (As you may recall, a PowerLine blogger broke the "story" about 60 Minutes using faked documents in the Bush TANG story.)
Matthew Yglesias points out the "all-important distinction between political disagreement and warfare" and says he would be interested in hearing the views of the "responsible" right out there. He writes:
Do others out there think Jimmy Carter is on the other side? Working in league with Osama bin Laden and others who seek the mass murder of American citizens? Or is this more the sort of situation where an increasingly shrill and hysterical right-wing has, despite its monopoly on political power in this country, chosen to adopt a bizarre paranoid worldview in which the fact that many people (including almost half of the American population and an absolute majority of the citizens of the world) think its policies are misguided is equivalent to the existence of a vast global conspiracy to advance the jihad? David Horowitz's Discover the Network site in which we learn of an undifferentiated left composed, apparently, of John Podesta, Mohammed Atta, John Kerry, Ayatollah Khomeini, Rob Reiner, and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi might also be relevant here.
Or to put it another way: What's wrong with you people?


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