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From CampusProgress.org:
Many abstinence-only curricula are riddled with assorted tidbits of misinformation, scientific untruths, and outrageous gender stereotyping. Though the scientifically inaccurate sections give us greatest cause for serious concern – i.e. a portion of the WAIT training curriculum that claims HIV can be transmitted through sweat and tears – a number of medieval sounding quotations on relationships and sexuality also made our favorites list.

“Because they generally become aroused less easily, females are in a good position to help young men learn balance in relationships by keeping intimacy in perspective.”
Sex Respect, Student Workbook

“[R]esearch confirms that 14 percent of the women who use condoms scrupulously for birth control become pregnant within a year.”
Choosing the Best, The Big Talk Book
(In fact, when used correctly, condoms are 98% effective in preventing pregnancy and up to 99% effective in preventing STDs including HIV.)

“Watch what you wear, if you don’t aim to please, don’t aim to tease.”
Sex Respect, Student Workbook

“The first player spins the cylinder, points the gun to his/her head, and pulls the trigger. He/she has only one in six chances of being killed. But if one continues to perform this act, the camber with the bullet will ultimately fall into position under the hammer, and the game ends as one of the players dies. Relying on condoms is like playing Russian roulette.”
Me, My World, My Future

“The liberation movement has produced some aggressive girls today, and one of the tough challenges for guys how say no will be the questioning of their manliness.”
Sex Respect, Student Workbook

“There is no way to have premarital sex without hurting someone.”
Sex Respect, Student Workbook

“Just as a woman needs to feel a man’s devotion to her, a man has a primary need to feel a woman’s admiration. To admire a man is to regard him with wonder, delight, and approval. A man feels admired when his unique characteristics and talents happily amaze her.”
WAIT Training


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