I kid you not: Sean Hannity runs a dating service on his website where people can post their pictures and describe their conservative bona fides to get hooked up with their soulmates.
Here is one representative post (complete with photo of woman wearing a patriotic party tiara):
"I love this country and I support our President. I saw him three times this past year, twice on the campaign trail and once at the inauguration. I cried when Reagan died. One of my favorite books is "I love you, Ronnie" - Ronald Reagan's love letters to Nancy Reagan. I want the kind of love that Nancy and Ronald Reagan had. I am a hopeless Romantic looking for a kind hearted fun loving, Christian guy who is willing to stand up for what he believes in and doesn't mind a strong, well educated, conservative, Christian women by his side."
(Thanks to John at Americablog for publicizing this!)


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