Helen Thomas rocks

From her Hearst Newspaper column:
President Bush should look into the mirror before giving orders and threatening other nations. His militant foreign policy reeks with piety and is selectively threatening to several nations.
At a news conference Thursday, Bush demanded that Syria end its occupation of Lebanon but he stopped short of accusing Syria of assassinating former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. An investigation to assign blame is under way.
It would also help if Bush were to practice what he preaches. His orders to Syria might carry more weight if the United States were not occupying Iraq,digging in for the long haul with reported plans for more than a dozen permanent military bases there.
Further, Bush decries the terrorists who "target innocent civilians" while conveniently forgetting that the United States has dropped tons of bombs on Iraq since launching its invasion nearly two years ago.
The refusal of the Bush administration to count the Iraqi dead makes it easier to overlook that sad toll.


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