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From Kurt Nimmo on SmirkingChimp:
Is there a difference between Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and Dennis Kucinich? Or Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Susan Sarandon? How about Mohammed Atta and Noam Chomsky?
Not according to DiscoverTheNetwork (DTN), a “Guide to the Political Left,” a sprawling database set up by the former Maoist and reborn Strausscon, David Horowitz. DTN, according to its About page, “identifies the individuals and organizations that make up the left and also the institutions that fund and sustain it; it maps the paths through which the left exerts its influence on the larger body politic; it defines the left’s (often hidden) programmatic agendas and it provides an understanding of its history and ideas.”
Sort of like the Illuminati or Third Degree Masons, only Marxist.
I had no idea this database existed until earlier today. I was tipped off by my secret contacts in North Korea and al-Qaeda. Provided with a login and password, I ventured forth, reading all sort of miscellanea on enemies of the United States, for instance the “radical anti-American journalist” Alexander Cockburn and the “anti-white, anti-Semitic writer” Amiri Baraka.
Since I am not included in this database, I am not sure if I should be relieved or disappointed. However, if email in response to an article I wrote and recently posted about Ann Coulter is any indication—dozens stacked upon dozens—I am considered one of the Hate America legion. But then, as the About page indicates, Horowitz’s smear portal is an on-going project. David will need a sturdy server and a workaholic webmaster to catalog all the lefties out there who pose a threat to the United States—in other words, lefties who oppose the warmongering madness of the Bushites and write, speak, or teach about it.
Some of the people Horowitz includes in the database would hardly be considered dangerous commies or al-Qaeda simpatico fellow travelers. For instance, Horowitz includes Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Justice of the United States Supreme Court. A careful reading of Ginsburg’s profile reveals why she was included: not only did she work for the evil ACLU and champion feminist causes, “Ginsburg also dissented from the Court’s decision that effectively gave President Bush the victory in the 2000 election,” in other words she opposed the idea that presidents should be appointed by right-wing Supreme Court Justices instead of voted into the White House by the people, obviously a dangerous idea as Bush made sure to steal the 2004 election as well, minus participation of the Supreme Court, and once again write off the American people as mere spectators. God bless Diebold and the thuggish intimidation tactics at the polling places.
I’m not sure if Jim McDermott, Democratic member of Congress, would take a shining to being lumped in with Zacarias Moussaoui—but there they are, included on the same page. It appears Jim’s sin, in addition to hanging out with the “radical” Progressive Caucus, led by the Osama lover Rep. Nancy Pelosi, is having gone to Baghdad “along with fellow Progressive Caucus member Rep. David Bonior (D-Michigan) and Rep. Mike Thompson (D-California). These lawmakers embraced Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hussein and created propaganda in his behalf,” in other words they preferred diplomacy over killing 100,000 innocent Iraqis. I’m not sure McDermott actually “embraced” Saddam, but a couple decades before this treasonous act Donald Rumsfeld did the next best thing—he shook hands with the dictator, in the official capacity as Reagan’s special envoy. Good old Don was sent to establish “direct contact between an envoy of President Reagan and President Saddam Hussein,” while emphasizing “his close relationship” with the president. Rumsfeld also told Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz, now locked up and facing trial for war crimes, “the U.S. and Iraq shared many common interests,” especially the “common interest” of killing as many Iranians as possible (see the previous link). And yet Donald Rumsfeld is not mentioned anywhere on Horowitz’s site as a traitor, his picture is not featured next to Fidel Castro or Ramzi Yousef.
Actually, the more you look at this site, the more absurd it becomes—even John Kerry, who voted for Bush’s invasion, is considered a leftist kook. If Kerry is a leftist, well then Angela Davis is out there somewhere on the other side of Pluto. In fact, Horowitz’s lumping together of such disparate people as Ted Kennedy and Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman sends an unmistakable message, the same message sent five days a week by the proto-fascist radio demagogue Michael “Savage” Weiner: if you are left of center-right, you are a “cancer cell” (in Weiner’s words) and thus a dangerous threat to the body politic and should be excised pronto. You are with Osama and Abu and the rest of the murderous rabble, never mind that the former was never apprehended and charged with a crime (and thus we have no idea if he did it or not) and the latter is mostly a fictitious and semi-literate hobgoblin with a peg leg who is probably dead. Point is that the Ayatollah Khomeini, also featured here, is about as leftist as Pat Robertson, one of Horowitz’s natural allies. As well, there is no word in Horowitz’s write-up of Khomeini about the fact he encouraged Muslim fundamentalists to attack and kill Iranian leftists.
I’m beginning to think Mr. Horowitz needs to enroll in the local community college and take a political science refresher course.
But then that’s how the crackpot far right thinks, as exemplified by Bush’s Manichean declaration that you’re either with him and the Strausscons or you’re with Osama and his cave-dwelling medieval Muslim terrorists. No middle ground here, folks. Everything on the other side of the Strausscon Republicans, the Likudites, and the whacky Christian Zionists is unmitigated evil and needs to be excised. Posting names and images of the evil-doers, based on the pioneering work on Daniel Pipes’ Campus Watch, is but another step in the process. Ward Churchill and Shahid Alam are only the beginning.
“The purpose of the DiscoverTheNetwork site is not to stifle free speech but to clarify it,” Horowitz or one of his scriveners write. “We recognize that people are not always candid in what they say in public life, particularly in the arena of political discourse. Truth in political advertising would be a more accurate description of our intentions in assembling this data.” In other words, in the paranoid world of Horowitz and Crew, everybody this side of John Kerry harbors a secret agenda: the complete destruction of America and, of course, Israel. Because leftists are hateful and secretive by nature—probably inserting terrorist code in their writings like we are told Lynne Stewart did in her correspondence with Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman—there needs to be a clearing house, of sorts, where David Horowitz, a former communist himself, can spell out our nefarious agenda in black and white.
As Horowitz would have us believe, this nefarious anti-American agenda is funded by “tens of millions of dollars” forked over by the likes of the Ford Foundation, a Marxist operation if there ever was one. Horowitz makes sure to tell us that Henry Ford II, son of Edsel and grandson of Henry Ford, the automotive industrialist who at one time hobnobbed with Nazis, washed his hands of the foundation in 1977 for its unabashed support of “anti-capitalist, anti-business enterprises of the political left,” even though the foundation receives its money from investments in international securities, not exactly the sort of behavior one would expect from an “anti-capitalist, anti-business” foundation. As an example of this sort of Marxist subversion, Horowitz writes that with “the help of Ford’s philanthropy, [Fenton Communications] has taken its message across the United States and around the world; it is a message that blames American policies for having spawned Islamist terrorism and hostilities in Iraq.” Never mind that the CIA admits it created the Islamic Terror Network in Afghanistan, claiming proudly, as did Zbigniew Brzezinski, that it is the spook agency’s most successful operation to date, and without Bush’s invasion of Iraq—predicated on lies and deception—around 100,000 Iraqis would be alive right now. If the United States had not invaded Iraq, there would be no “hostilities in Iraq.”
Truly, Horowitz’s latest endeavor is a sight to behold—an exercise in massive right-wing paranoia and vindictiveness, making the so-called Left, from Ted Kennedy to the bedtime bogeyman Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (if Abu’s a leftist, then I’m Donald Trump), into something it is not: a massive, secret, treasonous, hateful, and violent (as in Ayman al-Zawahiri) conspiracy to destroy David Horowitz’s version of America.
I’d encourage you to go see this remarkable site for yourself—but then you’d have to register and David would end up with your email address and send you spam about how it is your patriotic duty to donate money to him and his organization so they can kick the lefties out of the universities ... or out of America entirely.
For David Horowitz, it is not only about getting rid of the leftists but also about making the endeavor into a profitable business.


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