This is unbelievable.

From Will Pitt of TruthOut.org:
The blogosphere has been erupting over the last several days over the story of Jeff Gannon, a White House reporter for something called Talon News. The story has gone from irritating to infuriating to outrageous, and has lately parked itself squarely in the realm of the truly bizarre.
The issue: How did an obvious Republican operative from an unheard-of news outlet who uses a psuedonym - yeah, 'Jeff Gannon' isn't even his real name - and who looks as though he runs a gay prostitution ring in his spare time ever get credentials to cover the White House? Was this mystery man a key player in the exposure of CIA agent Valerie Plame?
Click on the link in the title for the background. Incredible reading.
The possible implications of this are huge.


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