This pretty well sums it up

From Arthur Blaustein in Mother Jones:
People are in trouble—and they are turning to voluntary organizations for help. Millions of Americans—middle class, working class, professionals and business executives—have experienced a loss of job, a business or small farm failure, a personal bankruptcy, a loss of pension or retirement income. And millions more are only a layoff, an illness, a divorce, or an accident away from falling into poverty.
The Bush administration, it is clear, has adopted policies that amount to a war against the poor and the middle class. The tax and budget cuts—the Bush economic plan—are in reality a carnival for wealthy speculators and hell on earth for the poor, with the middle class being squeezed further. The cuts were not made to jump-start the economy nor to create jobs; they were simply massive transfers from social programs to pay for new tax giveaways for the rich and for defense contractors who just happen to be campaign contributors.
Rather than opportunity, justice, equality, and vitality, the Bush prescription for economic stimulus amounts to inequality, economic cronyism, and acquiescence; and human needs become subordinated to political and technical arrogance. People programs are out, and tax avoidance schemes are made respectable and legal.
What can we expect in Bush’s second term? As Robert Frost wrote, “I have seen the future, and I don’t advocate it.” This administration is pandering to—and exploiting—the most regressive and antisocial tendencies in our national character. It is undermining trust in the ability of the one force, government, that has the potential to balance, secure, and protect the freedoms and liberties of all our people and to balance public and private interests. A vital and healthy federal government is indispensable to the well-being and sovereignty of a self-governing people. That is, after all, what democracy is all about. Without this protection, whole segments of our society –especially those who can least afford it—will give up hope, will become more frustrated and alienated, and this can serve only to undermine the very social fabric of all our communities even more.


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