"Abortion prevention"

From Armando at Daily Kos:
Matt Yglesias has a good post at TAPPED on how the issue of "abortion prevention" can play well for Democrats:
In case you were wondering whether the Prevention First Amendment gambit is a good political strategy, you really ought to take a look at the other Democracy Corps polling analysis (pdf), which sort of buries the lede on this one. It's all about white Catholic public opinion and it reveals, inter alia, that if a candidate "Believes in a woman's right to choose but believes all sides should come together around common goal of preventing and reducing # of abortions, with more sex ed, including abstinence, access to contraception and more adoption," an overwhelming 74 percent of white Catholics will be more likely to vote for him.

Armando says: I agree with Matt that the choice issue can be a WINNING issue for Democrats, not an issue to be neutralized. The Prevention First Initiative coupled with a position on prohibiting late term abortions except when required by the health of the mother neutralizes GOP attack lines and thus opens up lines of offense for Dems to forward their mainstream position of protecting Roe while the GOP has to defend its extreme, out of the mainstream position seeking to overturn Roe and deny women's right to choose.


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