Bill Maher and Ward Churchill

A reader told me that Bill Maher actually had Ward Churchill on his show the other night and said that it was an interesting conversation. Click on the link in the title to go to Maher's website.
The reader pointed out that in this controversy, he was struck by the following:
1) Most who've criticized Churchill haven't taken the time to read his work.
2) If they have, they don't recognize that his "chickens coming home to roost" is a reference to Malcolm X's comment on the JFK assassination.
3) They also don't understand the "Eichmann" formulation as an update of Hannah Arendt's work on the Eichmann trial. In fact, they may not have ever heard of or read Arendt.
4) They don't know who Adolf Eichmann was and are merely thinking "Nazi" or "Hitler" and substitute that into Churchill's formulations -- i.e. 9/11 victims are little Hitlers.
5) Because of this, they are forced to rely on the only thing they have on their side -- irrational emotionalism.
6) They have no respect for academic freedom.

That sums it up, I think.


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