Can he help out over here too?

From the Independent (UK):
Harold Pinter, one of Britain's greatest playwrights ("Betrayal, "The Birthday Party"), has announced that he is no longer writing plays but plans instead to focus on his political interests.
His decision to focus on his political interests should come as little surprise to close observers of the writer who was a trenchant critic of the bombing campaigns in Afghanistan and Kosovo as well as the more recent invasion of Iraq.
Among the political leaders who have been at the receiving end of his wrath was John Major, from whom he famously refused a knighthood, declaring: "I would not accept such recognition from a Conservative government."
But it was during the Iraqi conflict that his political activism reached a peak, reflecting his vociferous opposition to both Tony Blair and his foreign policy. He has described the Prime Minster as a "war criminal ... [who] keeps going with that lovely Christian smile on his face and I am disgusted by it".
The US under George W Bush, meanwhile, he branded a "country run by a bunch of criminals [...] with Tony Blair as a hired Christian thug".
Four months ago, he was among a group of celebrity campaigners, ranging from the actor Corin Redgrave to the record producer Brian Eno, who called for the Prime Minister's impeachment.
Most recently, last month, along with hundreds of leading figures from the arts, the church and legal world he signed a declaration accusing Mr Blair of violating "precious British values" over his controversial anti-terror plans.


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