Clear skies, smilin' at me...

From the WaPo and the Agonist:
President Bush's bid to rewrite federal air pollution laws ground to a halt in Congress yesterday when Republicans were unable to overcome objections in the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee that the bill would weaken the central pillars of the nation's environmental protection framework. The setback is a body blow to the White House's prized plan and a victory for environmentalists who have long said that the "Clear Skies" bill is a euphemism for rolling back safeguards at the behest of industry.
The seven Democratic Senators on the Committee were joined by James Jeffords (I - VT) and Lincoln Chafee (R - RI).

If we could just get those two to come over to the Dems' side. Chafee is definitely a RINO (Republican In Name Only).


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