Coming to terms with China

Tom Englehardt of TomDispatch.com has featured so many original, thought-provoking columns over the past year. I always think I'm going to just skim them because they're pretty long, but then I get sucked in and become totally engrossed in all of them. This week's is no different. He writes:
Seldom do you find a piece that tries to put East Asia together, laying out for us, in particular, the explosive nature of the U.S./Japan/China triangular relationship, which in various combinations has in the past plunged us into bloody war. (In this article) Chalmers Johnson does just that and in monumental fashion. It's rare for us to take time out of busy lives to consider how exactly the dots might be connected, how the world actually works. I urge all of you to consider doing so in the case of Johnson's long essay. It will repay your time many times over.

The article is linked above.


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