Criticism of Dems on the Schiavo situation

Richard Cohen of the WaPo has criticized the Dems in Congress for having no spine or principles with regard to the Schiavo legislation. I've seen some of this in the blogosphere too.
I just don't agree with the "spineless Dems" attack this time. I think it was a smart political move to sit back and just let the Republicans hang themselves. The polls have been overwhelmingly against what the Repubs did. Yes, maybe a lot of Dems did go along, but what would it have accomplished if they had balked? They didn't have the votes and they surely must have known how the courts would rule, so all they had to do was ride it out, let the Repubs catch all the shit, and then escape having this pinned on them in the midterm elections. And obviously, given half the chance, the Repubs would have howled and blamed the Dems for murdering this poor woman.
I guess now they can blame activist judges instead.


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