DeLay Watch: The beat goes on

Need a good catalog of the DeLay atrocities?
From ThinkProgress.org:
House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has been a busy man these last few years. Whether bribing congressmen, threatening political opponents, vacationing with lobbyists, or gutting House ethics rules, it's been hard to keep up with all the Hammer's activities. Here are twelve highlights from DeLay's illustrious career:
DeLay Raises Corporate Cash for TRMPAC
DeLay Bribes Congressman to Vote for Medicare
DeLay Uses Taxpayer Money for Partisan Stunt
DeLay Pays for Golf Tournaments with Cash Meant for Kids:
DeLay Promises 'Seat at Table' for Donor
DeLay Takes Money from Texas Prison Company with Legislation Pending
DeLay Blocks Legislation for Partisan Vendetta
DeLay Takes Shady Donations for Legal Defense Fund
DeLay Leaves Ethics Behind on European Vacation
DeLay Leaves House Rules Behind on Asian Vacation
DeLay Kicks Ethics Out of House
DeLay Tries to Change Rules to Protect Power

You can check out the details from the link.


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