A reader who is active in environmental issues sent me the following today:
The Audubon Society needs people's help to ensure a deadly, bird-killing poison remains controlled and its uses restricted. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is considering - again -- whether to expand the use of carbofuran - one of the world's most potent bird-killing pesticides. A request has been made to the EPA to expand the use of carbofuran - a highly toxic insecticide -- in order to control rice water weevils that feed on the leaves of rice plants. Carbofuran has been responsible for more avian deaths than any other pesticide, and EPA has restricted and controlled its use for years. In 1989, the EPA estimated that more than one million birds were killed annually by carbofuran. If the EPA expands the use of this potent bird-killing toxin, hundreds of bird species will be at risk.
To send a letter to the EPA urging them to deny any further use of carbofuran in the U.S., click on the title.


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