Godfather Bush swaggers on

From Tom Teepen, Cox newspaper columnist, on SmirkingChimp:
We've got a Justice Department these days that is like a Mafia law firm. It's on retainer to provide legal cover for whatever the godfather wants to get away with. First the department conveniently redefined torture so narrowly that it let the Bush administration shrug off just about any mistreatment of prisoners short of drawing and quartering them on the village green. So much for the Geneva Conventions. Now Justice is advising the sundry agencies of the federal government to ignore a finding by the Government Accountability Office that it is not - repeat: not - OK to hoodwink the public with phony TV news reports. It was bad enough that the administration was running the scam in the first place. Now, caught, the White House simply swaggers on, undeterred, a new pinnacle of brazenness for this already chutzpah-rich administration.


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