Grim milestone

From TruthOut:
As a suicide bomb in Hilla, Iraq, takes the lives of over 100 Iraqis, and an average of two U.S. soldiers are killed each day, we are on the eve of two tragic milestones: the 1,500th troop death in Iraq, and March 19, 2005, the second anniversary of a war that should never have happened. Military Families Speak Out honors all who have fallen - US service men and women, and Iraqi men, women and children -- who have all died in a war that is neither just nor justifiable. Despite all the "banner days" that were supposed to mark turning points in this war, the violence continues and escalates. The U.S. occupation of Iraq continues to be the problem, not the solution.
Military Families Speak Out - an organization of over 2,000 military families including those with loved ones who are serving in Iraq, who have died as a result of the war in Iraq, and who are newly deploying or redeploying to Iraq - urges politicians on the local, state and national level to call for the return of all our troops to their home duty stations, for troops to be taken care of when they get home, and for an end to the policies that allowed this reckless military misadventure to happen.
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