Isn't it ironic, dontcha think?

From Le Devoir/AFP:
Yesterday, the American president George W. Bush warned Damascus and Teheran to "stop using murder as a political tool and put an end to all support for terrorism," and he enjoined Syrian troops to leave Lebanon before the spring elections. "All Syrian military and intelligence forces must withdrawn before the elections, so that the vote can be fair," Mr. Bush declared in a Washington speech. "The international community, including Russia, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, and the United States, has presented Syria with an alternative: either it puts an end to its occupation of Lebanon...or it will find itself still further isolated in the world," he repeated. Concerning the announcement of a partial retreat by Syrian president Bachar al-Assad, Mr. Bush declared that "the Lebanese have heard the speech by the Syrian president. They have already seen these dilatory tactics and half-measures."


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