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From Gloria Totten of Progressive Majority:
"Every committed progressive I meet with from across the country asks me the same questions - what's next for progressive politics? and how do we win?. Progressive Majority has a proven strategy for winning - 41% of our farm team candidates won their state legislative races in 2004. Immediately following Election Day, we began recruiting candidates in Colorado, Washington, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Arizona for the next elections. Our field staff has poured over the maps and they know exactly where we have opportunities to make gains at the state and local levels. And we're making it our job to find a real progressive leader who will run for office in each of those districts and win. Winning starts with these vibrant leaders - it's why Progressive Majority focuses full-time on candidate recruitment. Please forward this e-mail to people in Arizona, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Wisconsin, and encourage them to sign up for Progressive Majority now. They can help us identify men and women who are leaders in their community - PTA presidents, school teachers, firefighters - people who may not think of themselves as leaders because they're not elected - yet! - and tell us why we need their leadership. Progressive Majority is working with up-and-coming talent to equip them with the tools and skills they need to win elections."
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