Meet the new boss...of Iraq

From Steve Soto of The Left Coaster blog:
...(Bush) signaled his true intentions for the future of Iraq when he decided to reassign our current Afghanistan ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, a good friend of Cheney and Wolfowitz, to be John Negroponte’s successor as our ambassador in Baghdad. Khalilzad wasn’t exactly doing a bang-up job in Kabul, given that our "liberation" of that country only extends to Kabul, the Taliban are making a comeback, and opium has returned as the cash crop of our new ally. But Khalilzad wasn’t put in Kabul to rebuild the country; he was put there to finish the job he tried to do a decade ago, when he worked for Unocal, of securing pipelines through Afghanistan so that American companies could profit from the gas and oil reserves of Central Asia. Now with limited success from his time in Kabul, Khalilzad can spread his magic to the big prize of securing American control over Iraq’s oil for his former employer and their industry competitors. But we’ll have to see if the new Iraqi government, now with its Shiite and Kurdish leadership soon to be in place, will let Khalilzad grab the oil or hold onto it for themselves and the benefit of the Iraqi people. For that matter, we’ll have to see if they let the Pentagon finish the military bases that we plan to use to intimidate the Iraqis and their neighbors with.


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