Neocons at it again. This time, Hezbollah. Heads up!

From the James Wolcott blog:
Here we go again. Couple of weeks ago on Tina Brown's Topic [A], Daily News publisher Mort Zuckerman squawked about Iran's support for terrorism in general, Hezbollah in particular. Now I don't pretend to be the Mideast savant Jonah Goldberg is, but my dim understanding is that Hezbollah's fight is with Israel, they pose no direct threat to the United States; ergo, let Israel fight its own battles, for which it is more than adequately equipped. But Zuckerman's offhand mention got my spider sense tingling, triggering a faint suspicion that Hezbollah was being groomed for the next big scary terrorist threat to Our Way of Life now that Al Qaeda's fear factor was receding.
And lo, I switched on the set today and by chance see the words "Beware Hezbollah" on the screen beneath Wolf Blitzer's bearded mug. His guests were the authors of a new book called "Lightning out of Lebanon," about the threat posed by Hezbollah to the US mainland. The only hazy evidence of Hezbollah activity were threats against Anthony Lake which were never carried out but were "taken seriously." Well, hell, practically everything in this country is taken seriously as a precautionary measure. A ten-year-old can phone in a bomb scare and they'll evacuate the building. Means nothing.
Yet the authors made dark hints about Hezbollah cells in American cities, which presumably could be activated from Lebanon or elsewhere. The same talk we've been getting since 9/11 about the phantom Al Qaeda "sleeper cells" awakening their Manchurian Candidate coded "go" signals. One of the authors, Barbara Newman, mentioned (or maybe it was Wolf) being a senior fellow at the FDD, and I thought, "OK, that explains everything."
The FDD is the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. Its Board of Directors are Jack Kemp, Jeane Kilpatrick, and Steve Forbes. Its Distinguished Directors are Newt Gingrich and James Woolsey (which is really stretching the definition of "distinguished"). Its Board of Advisors include many of the usual suspects. Krauthammer. Perle. Frank Gaffney. Bill Kristol. And, to lend this organization a figleaf of bipartisanship, Donna Brazile and Sen Chuck Shumer.
So what we have here is another well-financed neocon operation, gearing up post-Iraq to frighten Americans about Hezbollah and to push for US premptive intervention. Hezbollah--"Iran-backed shock troops," as they're dubbed in the book's promo--will be equated with the Taliban, and just as Afghanistan had to be attacked for harboring the Taliban, countries that harbor, finance, and otherwise support Hezbollah must Face the Consequences.
Here's your homework assignment, boys and girls. Study cable news in the coming months, if you can stand the stomach upset, and see how many segments are devoted to the emerging threat posed by Hezbollah, and what America must do to protect itself. Particularly what-if scenarios about Hezbollah obtaining WMDs, and what they could do to American cities. I suspect we'll see quite an uptick.
Oh, before I forget, someone wrote the nicest blurb for this book. Can you guess who?
“Lightning out of Lebanon is an eye opener.  The book reads like a novel but documents in detail how operatives of what many call the ‘A-Team of Terrorism' have taken advantage of our freedoms, legal loopholes, and defense weaknesses to set up support cells in communities all over America.”
I'll give you a hint. He's a Senator from Connecticut.


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