New FCC nominee makes Michael Powell look like Howard Stern

From the WaPo:
President Bush has chosen Kevin J. Martin, one of the Federal Communication Commission's leaders in the crackdown on indecency, to succeed the agency's outgoing chairman, Michael K. Powell, the White House said yesterday. Martin, 38, is one of the FCC's three Republican commissioners and has been considered the front-runner to head the agency, which is the government's chief regulator of the media and telecommunications industries. He does not require Senate confirmation because he already is a commission member...Some public-interest and artists groups, such as Massachusetts-based Free Press and the District's Center for Digital Democracy, expressed concern. The FCC under Martin is likely to be more active on indecency than under Powell, who proposed more than $4 million in fines over the past four years, more than all other former FCC chairmen combined. Martin often said that indecency fines proposed in the past year were too low, and he called for broadcasters to be fined for each utterance or depiction of indecent material within a program.


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