On the difficulty of talking to wingnuts...

Some good advice on Danny Schechter's News Dissector blog:
First of all, you wouldn't accomplish anything; some people are so wedded to their own ignorance and delusions that they will accept NO evidence to the contrary.
Second, if you ever DO intend to debate wingnuts, do it on neutral territory, NEVER their turf. This reveals to any impartial observers just how out of touch--and how illiterate!--they are. By going into their stomping grounds, even bystanders who may agree with you in part will be forced by peer pressure to join in the deluge of invective. Who needs it?
Third, while it may alleviate your immediate frustration, it ultimately accomplishes nothing...and provides them with fresh ammunition against you which they'll inevitably distort and twist to their own ends. They won't tell the truth; maybe they can't stand it, maybe they really don't know it...but they will absolutely not ever tell the truth. And they also never admit that they might have made a mistake.


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