Remembering Madrid

From Danny Schechter of NewsDissector:
Let's give it up for Madrid this morning and remember the ordeal they experienced a year ago today when terrorists bombed commuter trains. 191 people were killed.
BBC reports: "Church bells across the capital will toll at 0737, the exact moment when the first of a series of co-ordinated blasts hit packed trains.The country will observe a five-minute silence at midday."
But let us also remember what else happened, and how the Aznar government lied and tried to blame the Basques, and how the people of Spain turned against the press which was playing his game, and rallied and rallied using cell phone text messages to mobilize and in the end threw his pro-war government out. That was not a victory for democracy Washington applauded.
Remember Spain, but also compare the response there to what happened here after our 3-11 (9-11) and how different the result was, leading as it did to the wars we are still fighting. Could our press have had something to do with it?


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