Republican bullies

From P.M. Carpenter on SmirkingChimp.com:
...As too many know from childhood experience, schoolyard bullies act, through the instrumentality of raw power, as though they're exempt from rules of respectful behavior toward others. In short, they can push you around because they make the rules -- rules that change according to personal whim and momentary advantage but enforced with exacting regularity. You, as a target of bullying, are to suffer these rule changes silently, lest you be labeled a crybaby, or worse. And what, I put to you, is more symptomatic of today's Right than bullying? From their threatened change in Senate rules to the routine "outsourcing" of torture, conservatives simply do not believe that decent standards of conduct apply -- to them. They hold the power, hence they are exempt. You'll take it and you'll like it. They make the rules, no matter how conversely harmful the new rules might be when they find themselves in the minority once again and once again subject to others' power (at which point no doubt, they'll cry foul and demand fair treatment), or when our military men and women find themselves captive to equally unprincipled rules. The obvious questions arise: How intellectually mature is a political party whose core personality meshes with that of a prepubescent, schoolyard bully? And what cognitive precepts are likely to emerge from such a fundamentally immature personality -- one that taunts the opposition through name-calling, rather than critiques through analysis? The obvious answer? Ideational acorns, if you will, fall not far from the tree.


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