Republicans' multi-pronged attack on labor

In These Times reports:
If union leaders are feeling a little paranoid about Bush’s reelection, maybe it’s because they really are being persecuted. Republicans have both ideological and strategic reasons for an offensive against labor. Attacking unions pleases both Bush’s corporate friends and the movement’s conservatives, and harasses the strongest grassroots political operation opposing the Republican right.
“There’s been a strategy,” says former Democratic Rep. David Bonior, now chairman of American Rights at Work. “It’s not a conspiracy. They’re very open. [Key conservative Republican strategist] Grover Norquist says they want to get rid of unions, to break the labor movement.”
But the rights of all workers, not just union members and their organizations, are in jeopardy. Since Bush took office, the Labor Department has significantly reduced staff for enforcing employer violations of laws on labor standards (such as child labor, the minimum wage and overtime), occupational safety, and rights to organize—laws that are important for everyone employed in America. 
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