Sticking it to working people

From a great editorial by William O'Rourke in the Chicago Sun-Times:

Foolish consistency may be the hobgoblin of little minds, but it certainly is a hallmark of the Bush administration. Conveniently, the White House's Social Security push acts as a smokescreen behind which smaller anti-worker legislative initiatives go through unimpeded. The latest example is the minimum-wage bill defeat, side by side with the retooled punitive bankruptcy bill that appears destined to pass.
The domestic price of a Bush second term was always going to be high, and many who will pay the price of Bush's continued concern for the well-off, and his disdain for those who can't quite make it, voted against their own self-interest -- in the name of supporting our military in Iraq.

And from Cynthia Tucker, Atlanta Journal Constitution:

President Bush didn't campaign on a promise to make it harder for average Americans to regain their financial footing after filing for bankruptcy. Even if he had, he probably would have been re-elected anyway.
Most Americans haven't noticed the president's relentless assault on programs and policies that protect the middle-class against the caprice of the marketplace. If average Americans are living with a higher degree of financial anxiety, they blame outsourcing or high taxes or illegal Mexican immigrants. They haven't recognized that the Republicans have middle America in their cross hairs and that Bush has given the order to fire.


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