This should cheer Bush up after a bad day in the courts

Salon has a a pretty depressing story about how the Bush regime is "trying to roll back efforts to improve the status of the world's women by demanding that the United Nations publicly renounce abortion rights." This demand came at the opening of a conference marking the 10th anniversary of the Beijing Commission on the Status of Women, "an event seen as a landmark in efforts to promote global cooperation on women's equality."
The Vatican was the only other entity that supported the U.S. position.
Bill Clinton administration (of course) was a strong supporter of the Beijing declaration in 1995, and until President Bush took power in 2001, Washington was viewed as a leader in international family-planning efforts. Bush has steadily reversed Washington's support for such initiatives, blocking U.S. funds to the U.N. Population Fund and diverting cash toward programs promoting abstinence.

I used to be disgusted, but now I try to be...
Oh, forget it.

Salon reports that the U.S. ambassador to the UN has dropped her four-day campaign to add an antiabortion amendment to a one-page statement affirming women's rights at a UN conference this week, due to a total lack of support from other countries. The US has signed on to the declaration. And NY Times/Reuters reports that "jeers and catcalls greeted the top U.S. delegate to a global women's conference on Friday as she stressed Washington's opposition to abortion and support for sexual abstinence and fidelity...The loudest catcalls, unusual at the world body, came when she articulated U.S. policy on AIDS prevention for adolescents: 'We emphasize the value of the ABC -- abstinence, be faithful, and correct and consistent condom use where appropriate -- approach in comprehensive strategies to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS and the promotion of abstinence as the healthiest and most responsible choice for adolescents.'"
New Zealand's U.N. Ambassador Don Mackay, speaking for his country, Canada, and Australia said the Beijing document included a woman's right to control her sexuality.


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