Whatever happened to the anthrax scare?

From AmericaBlog:
Who could forgot the media feeding frenzy about anthrax just a few years ago? Yes, those were exciting times for the Mainstream Media, since they could terrify the living hell out of the population and help maintain the fear that has served the administration so well over the years. Now that the MSM has moved on to new bullshit stories, I'm still wondering whatever happened to that anthrax investigation. It's tempting to think that it's been buried because it was an American acting against other Americans (so it doesn't fit with the "let's single out those fuzzy foreigners while ignoring our own" campaign that the administration enjoys, such as the Texas oilmen involved in the UN food for oil scandal), but then again, I'm still wondering whatever happened to Osama. With the exception of that miraculous bin Laden story that broke just before the election (oh the shock), we seemed to have lost Public Enemy #1.


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