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From a BuzzFlash reader:
The corporate press tell us they are fair and objective. Still, we see this string of things: the unremarked (or dismissed) Gannon scandal, the payola for "journalists" and opinion-makers, Fox/Clear Channel/Sinclair/Talk Radio's outright lies and propaganda, the shameless and illegal use of phony "news," the use of dirty tricks and false alerts to distract the public, all this abetted and compounded by the acquiescence, selective silence, and cheerleading of our lapdog press...
Well, this situation needs a handy and accurate way to describe it.
The existing phrases: corporate media; mainstream media, left- or right-leaning press, media cartel, etc., all have something going for them but don't really "say it". It's time that we name what we're dealing with: " The Media Apparatus."
The dictionary defines "apparatus" as "any system or systematic organization of activities, functions, processes, etc., directed toward a specific goal."
The goal, clearly demonstrated every day, is to protect the Bush faction from criticism and exposure, and to help them gain the power to loot the treasury--at the same time reducing the citizenry to the status of cash-cows and soldiers. Media as we know it will never do anything but act the way it does now, for it exists to act the way we see it.
The media behaves as an apparatus in the precise sense Lenin, Mao, Castro, Goebbels, and the other hypocrite/idealists of the 20th century used it: a thing used to promote Maximum Leader and to destroy his opponents.
Now, is there any phrase for our current anti-democratic, anti-American press better than this: Media Apparatus?


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