Action Alert: National Call-In Days to Block Destruction of Filibuster

From TomPaine:
In a matter of days, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist could make good on his threat to invoke the "nuclear option," denying minority-party senators their right to filibuster judicial nominees. With only 50 senators' votes plus Vice President Cheney's, the filibuster could be history. The filibuster is one of the oldest checks on unmitigated majority power in the Senate, and using the nuclear option would set a dangerous precedent—today, judicial nominations, tomorrow, legislation? The importance of retaining a system of checks and balances in the Senate can't be overemphasized. April 6 and 7 are National Call-In Days to Protect Checks and Balances, organized by SaveOurCourts.org. Call your senators' offices and tell them to oppose any efforts to invoke the nuclear option. Click on the link above to act.


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