And the DeLay Watch continues...

The Vigoro is really hitting the Mixmaster now. When the Drudge Report and Dick Cheney back away from you while holding their noses, you know you're done. The latest from Eric Umansky of Slate:
The WaPo fronts yet another fishy travel expedition by House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. In 1997, DeLay jetted over to Moscow on a trip that seems to have been financed by lobbyists at the service of the Russian government. DeLay reported that the trip was funded by a D.C. non-profit, but the Post says people "involved in planning DeLay's trip" confirmed it was actually covered by a "mysterious company registered in the Bahamas." House ethics rules make it a no-no for legislators to have their trips covered by lobbyists or foreign agents...The NY Times mentions the Moscow trip but focuses on records showing that DeLay's political and campaign committees have been cutting checks to his wife and daughter. The two have made "more than" $500,000 since 2001.


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