Berlusconi smackdown

From Reuters:
Italians have given Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi a severe political beating, leaving him just one year to recover before a general election he now looks in serious danger of losing. Not even the death of Pope John Paul could keep Italians from delivering the chastening message to Berlusconi at regional elections on Sunday and Monday where his center-right coalition was defeated in 11 of 13 regions at stake. Defying fears that Catholics would desert the ballot boxes, the turnout was 71.4 percent of the more than 41 million eligible voters. "It is already clear that the defeat, a defeat so crushing that it cannot be talked down or excused, has caused a political crisis for the government," said Italy's leading daily, the mainstream Corriere della Sera.

And, according to the BBC, elections in Great Britain have been scheduled for May. Hmmmmm....


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