Children as guinea pigs

From the Center for American Progress:
Remember that heinous Environmental Protection Agency program – sponsored by the American Chemistry Council – that offered $970 over two years to low-income families who allowed the agency to measure the effects of toxic pesticides on their children under one year of age? Maybe you know it by its disturbing, Orwellian acronym, CHEERS? Well, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) remembers, and yesterday she introduced some "unexpected turbulence" into Senate confirmation hearings for Stephen Johnson, President Bush's nominee to lead the EPA, when she called it "appalling, unethical and immoral" and implored Johnson "to pull the plug on this program tomorrow." Johnson later released a letter stating that "[n]o additional work will be conducted on this study subject to the outcome of external scientific and ethical review." Yet Boxer says that promise falls short of her demands, and says she will do whatever she can "to hold up Mr. Johnson's confirmation so long as the program has any chance of being revived," the New York Times reports.


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