Gore Vidal interview

Some choice quotations from the interview in the Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald:
"This is a bubble," he says of America and its imperviousness to world opinion. "Nothing from outside gets in, unlike a European country or even a semi-Asian one like Australia or New Zealand. They all have neighbours, who have media; who have newspapers; who have criticisms to make. They all have dealings. We have nothing but Canada and Mexico, for whom we appear to have contempt in both cases, for quite different reasons. We get no outside information. When was the last time you saw or heard of any coverage of the last Australian election when Master Howard was elevated yet again to the throne? And here we are, a great Pacific power and the only ally we have of importance in the Pacific - putting to one side the strange case of Japan - is Australia, who actually seem more benign than not when they regard America and its empire, and yet we don't know anything about them."...Vidal foresees his colleagues poking through the ashes. "This [country] will die in a pauper's grave, I can tell you," he says. "The great theory, you would think, for the Republican Party, which is the party of corporations, big business and money and of, you know, drip-torture greed, is allowing the place to go broke. There's a two-and-a-half-trillion-dollar deficit."..."Almost every day of my life when I was growing up," Vidal recalls, "my grandfather, sooner or later, would start to talk about the constitution. Always remember: it's based on one phrase, due process of law. You cannot have your life, property or liberty removed without due process of law. And they ended it," he says of the White House of President George Bush, and its introduction, in 2001, of the USA Patriot Act, with its expanded government powers of surveillance and investigation. "It's unthinkable....And when you have an Administration that is dedicated to ever larger lies about everything, including the foundation of our own country and the nature of our own constitution, you've got to get some truth out there."


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