Make sex a top issue in 2006

From Chris Bowers of MyDD:
Let's fight the culture war, but let's fight it on our terms.
If you hadn't already noticed, the modern conservative movement wants to control every aspect of sexual activity and intimate relationships. They want to control marriage, they want to control women's fertility, they want to keep teens from knowing about sex, they want to stop gay people from doing it, they want to ban contraceptives, they don't want anyone to talk about masturbation, and they certainly don't want to see boobs on television. The implications of this have echoes throughout history. As a smart blogger once noted: 'One of the parts of fascist ideology that gets forgotten is how much it fixated on sex and reproduction. Not just the racial purity laws, but its disciplining of sex and reproduction in service to the state. And, if we look at this specific aspect of fascism, then we can point in this country to a creeping fascism that is aimed directly at the body, pleasure, sex, and reproduction."
Sparta would be proud. However, Americans hate it...So many seemingly individual "issues" are being fought on this front: gay rights, reproductive rights, sex education, the battle over contraceptives, FCC regulation. However, they are all connected under the larger banner of whether or not the government should control people when it comes to sexual activity, intimacy and reproduction. And it does not matter whether or not you are a women, because conservatives want to control male sexual activity as well (although they clearly put more effort into controlling women).
Democrats need to be open and loud about this. I guarantee that making sex a campaign issue will draw huge headlines, I guarantee that the majority of the country is on our side, and a guarantee it will reach a lot of people who otherwise would not have voted. Here is a simple campaign slogan: keep Republicans out of your bedroom. Conservatives are from Sparta, liberals are from Athens. I don't think many Americans would have a difficult time deciding in which ancient city they would rather live.


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